1GREG7 is a character and the character designer for the Jeef show

Abilities Edit

Greg has a stand a major plot point from the anime and manga, "Jojos Bizzare Adventure" his stand is Star Platinum and has a second from as Star Platinum Act 2 he also, has the ability to fit through small gaps in The Trigger Squad.

Appearances Edit

Jeef Show Edit

Greg first appears in episode 9

he also appears in episodes 11, 15, and 16 and the OVA

Sonic and Friends Edit

his first appearance is in the episode "The Greatest Enemy" where he and Saxa-san are launched at Sonic, in the sonic and friends/jeef show crossover Woofly Waffles is sent to retrieve him and Saxa. Greg also appears in the beach

Real Life Edit

1Greg7 is based off a person with the same twitter name, he is the character designer for the jeef show

Jeef+Plants Vs Zombies Edit

you unlock him as an ally after beating level 1-10, he has the ability to spawn Star Platinum that throws a massive amount of punches practically killing zombies that touch it

Trivia Edit

  • Him, Jeef, Saxa, and Woofly are considered mascots of the jeef show